Today, May 31, the 2018 Kavli Prize laureates in astrophysics, nanoscience, and neuroscience were announced. I am chair of the Neuroscience Prize Committee and had the pleasure of presenting the three 2018 neuroscience laureates: James Hudspeth Rockefeller University, New York, USA Robert Fettiplace University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA Christine Petit  Collège de France/Pasteur Institute, Paris, […]

It was truly a pleasure to join Jeffrey Hall, Michael Rosbash and Michael Young yesterday during their Nobel lectures in Aula Medica. As always, there was not an empty seat in the hall when the Nobel laureates took us on a journey of their paradigm-shifting discoveries for which they earned this year’s Nobel Prize in […]

Last Friday I was delighted to welcome our new doctors and jubilee doctors as well as colleagues from our university, families and guests to this autumn’s conferment ceremony in Stockholm City Hall. Becoming a doctor at Karolinska Institutet and receiving a hat and diploma in the Blue Hall is a conclusion of many years of […]

Today, we were many people all over the world who marched for science. For us at Karolinska Institutet it was a matter of course to take part in the March for Science in Stockholm. Taking part in this event, I hope to send a signal that I consider this topic of great importance. When scientific […]

The latest government research policy has a clear focus on innovation and touches upon the role of university-associated holding companies. The government expresses its intention to review the focus of holding companies and to bring suggestions forward to the parliament. I believe that in general the innovation support is too fragmented and undercapitalized and we […]

Welcome back to Karolinska Institutet after the holidays, students and employees! Monday I will welcome new students to Karolinska Institutet and this Friday I had the privilege of addressing the students leaving our university at two graduation ceremonies. Meeting our students is very valuable for me as vice-chancellor. It is an opportunity to present what […]