In English below I rapporten Exit Poll for Doctoral Students 2013–2016 har våra nyexaminerade doktorers uppfattning om forskarutbildningen vid Karolinska Institutet sammanställts. Resultaten i rapporten har jämförts med motsvarande resultat från 2008–2012. Det är glädjande att se att jämförelsen så tydligt visar en positiv utveckling: Fler är nöjda med sin forskarutbildning (92 procent 2016 jämfört med […]

This week started with a KI University board seminar in Saltsjöbaden. Among the posts on the agenda was a lecture given by Lennart Levi, Emeritus Professor of Psychosocial Medicine, Karolinska Institutet, and Member of the Swedish Parliament 2006–2010. In his excellent speech, Levi focused on the UN:s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the need to incorporate […]

I dagarna börjar våra campus åter att sjuda av liv och rörelse. Det är väldigt roligt att se och känna den förväntan och spänning som bubblar i luften. I höst börjar 950 nya studenter vid nybörjarprogrammen och drygt 300 nya studenter vid de globala programmen hos oss i Solna och Flemingsberg. Sammantaget har vi cirka […]

Monday 21 August I have the pleasure of giving the welcome address at the first Nordic PhD Summit for the newly established network NorDoc: Nordic Doctoral Training in Health Sciences. This two-day conference on Health Sciences Across Borders will highlight the importance of PhD education and provide ample opportunity of sharing ideas and knowledge. Established as […]

This week I am in China together with a delegation headed by the Swedish Minister for Higher Education and Research, Helene Hellmark Knutsson. It is very satisfying to experience how strong the Karolinska Institutet brand is in China. Collaboration Mobility and collaboration has been two coherent themes at many of the meetings. A lot of […]

This post starts with something I believe is critically important for Swedish Research – Research Infrastructure and how we share the responsibility to secure that Swedish scientists get access to state of the art infrastructure. URFI (universities’ reference group on research infrastructures, originally installed as a reference group for the Swedish Research Council) has in […]

Today, we were many people all over the world who marched for science. For us at Karolinska Institutet it was a matter of course to take part in the March for Science in Stockholm. Taking part in this event, I hope to send a signal that I consider this topic of great importance. When scientific […]

The future health care landscape in Stockholm has been discussed and planned for many years. Discussions and planning where Karolinska Institutet has taken part, not necessarily being heard. The future health care system has many components; The new Karolinska University Hospital, a highly specialized hospital; the consequent transfer of patients into primary care and private […]

The dean of higher education, Annika Östman Wernerson had asked med to join her for an afternoon at the advanced leadership programme she is currently attending. Known as HeLP, Högre Ledarprogram/Higher Leadership Programme, this training is organized by the Association of Swedish Higher Education (Sveriges universitets- och högskoleförbund, SUHF). This programme is important in many aspects; […]

Student representation is a critical part of our governing structure. We need input from students to continuously improve study programmes, teaching, and learning environments and to improve our university as a whole. Being a student representative is an important role guarding the interest and influence of students, not just here and now but also for […]