In English below I rapporten Exit Poll for Doctoral Students 2013–2016 har våra nyexaminerade doktorers uppfattning om forskarutbildningen vid Karolinska Institutet sammanställts. Resultaten i rapporten har jämförts med motsvarande resultat från 2008–2012. Det är glädjande att se att jämförelsen så tydligt visar en positiv utveckling: Fler är nöjda med sin forskarutbildning (92 procent 2016 jämfört med […]

In English below Just nu pågår diskussioner om var den europeiska läkemedelsmyndigheten (The European Medicines Agency), EMA, ska placeras efter det brittiska utträdet ur den europeiska unionen. Sveriges regering satsar för att EMA ska flyttas från London till Stockholm med placering i Hagastaden, Stockholm. Sverige och ytterligare 18 av EU:s 27 medlemsländer har ansökt om värdskapet. […]

This blog post in Swedish below. In February 2017 a coordination group was established with the task of analyzing how the post-Macchiarini action plan is followed up and implemented. This group has now delivered its report. It is the overall view of the coordination group that all recommendations have been taken into account and that […]

This blog post in Swedish, ser below. This is my first blog from my new workplace – Karolinska Institutet. I am proud to be allowed to work for KI and look forward to getting to know the university better. More about this in forthcoming blogs. I am also proud that Karolinska Institutet has chosen to […]

Last week, we had the yearly dialogue with the Ministry for Higher Education. Among many important topics, the Vice-chancellor has the opportunity to present the success factors and challenges of the university. As the most important success factor I highlighted that KI is needed! We perform research in areas with large national and global societal challenges. […]

Last week I was invited to the Centre for Translational Microbiome Research (CTMR) to present KI as part of a visit Ferring Pharmaceuticals to the centre. It was very interesting meeting the representatives from Ferring, visit the center and hear about all what they are achieving in this new research field which is a very […]

Last Friday I took my bicycle over the Solna bridge to Gävlegatan, to a part of our university that I have not had the chance to visit before: The Aging Research Cente, ARC. I met with Johan Fritzell, ARC Director, Kristina Johnell, Martin Lövdén, Laura Fratiglioni and Maria Eriksdotter, Head of the Department of Neurobiology, […]

Days made up weeks that made up months that eventually added up to almost a year and a half but finally, on August 1st, 2017, I will hand over the ultimate operative responsibility for Karolinska Institutet to Ole Petter Ottersen, a highly experienced and recognized academic leader with a clearly expressed desire to join and […]

Last week we had a retreat gathering the academic as well as the administrative leadership of Karolinska Institutet. This includes heads of department, their heads of administration, the KI wider management group including deans and pro deans and the heads of university administration offices. This was the first retreat of its kind. We usually have […]