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Hope you had great weekend. Glad to read your blog post and looks very useful. Thanks for sharing. It would be great help if you let me know following.

My son doing IB DP (International Baccalaureate Diploma Program) in ISSR, Stockholm. He is in DP1 now. He doesn’t speak Swedish and didn’t take Physics in his subjects(High or Standard).  Can he apply for hospital work experience? for a week?

Is he eligible to take entrance test for medical school?


Dear reader,

The Medicine program in Sweden is available to applicants with IB diplomas provided that they:

  • Are proficient in Swedish. This is because the Medicine program is given in Swedish only, there is no English alternative.
  • Have taken Standard or Higher level Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics.
  • Have a final grade of 40 points or higher.

So in the case of your son, I’m afraid he cannot apply for the Medicine program in Sweden, as he must speak Swedish to do so.

Should your son decide to study Swedish, he will also need to study at least Standard Physics, Biology and Chemistry in his IB DP to be eligible to apply. I have written a bit more on this topic here.
However, he may apply to do other hospital work (as ”undersköterska”/unlicensed assistive personnel). It is up to each individual employer whether they want to hire people who don’t speak Swedish.
I hope this answers your questions.

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