Samma information finns på svenska längre ner i inlägget   A majority of the questions I receive concern admission to the Medical program at Karolinska Institutet. Many of them are from international students interested in studying Medicine in Sweden. As always, I would like you to first have a look at my posts under the […]

Summary in English at the end of post.  Hej! Jag bor i USA och försöker ta reda på om min son kan plugga medicin i Sverige. Jag hittade din mycket välskrivna blogg men har inte lyckats finna uppgifter någonstans om huruvida utlandssvenskar kan söka till KI och om KI i så fall har en speciell […]

Good Day! Hope you had great weekend. Glad to read your blog post and looks very useful. Thanks for sharing. It would be great help if you let me know following. My son doing IB DP (International Baccalaureate Diploma Program) in ISSR, Stockholm. He is in DP1 now. He doesn’t speak Swedish and didn’t take […]

Are you able to study Medicine in Sweden if you don’t speak Swedish? I have already written a longer post on this here, but I still receive this question quite often (no hate, I always appreciate questions!). That’s why I’ve made this little video where I answer the question again, hoping the message comes through […]

If you know Swedish and are a Swedish citizen, this does not apply to you. The reason why this blog is written exclusively in Swedish (with the exception of this post, that is), is because the Medicine undergraduate program at Karolinska Institutet is given only in Swedish. In fact, all Medicine undergraduate programs in Sweden are […]