Ole Petter Ottersen and myself were very happy to host the “Läkare utan gränser” or Medecins sans frontiers (MSF) Paediatric Days at our Solna campus this weekend and I had the priviledge of giving a short opening address where it was obvious to relate to our vision and strategies.

Our new vision, to advance knowledge about life and strive towards better health for all, underlines our common responsibility for our common world. As a university, Karolinska Institutet has a global responsibility and our strategic plans relate to the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, including the agenda’s global goals in areas such as education and health for all.

The bonds between a medical university and the health care, whether on the other side of the road in Solna or far away must be strong. Our strategic direction “global” reinforces that Karolinska Institutet shall carry out activities regardless of national borders. The global university also reinforces the equal value of all people.

The historical bonds between Karolinska Institutet and MSF are strong. We are very greatful to the outstanding contributions of exceptional individuals such as Hans Rosling and Johan von Schreeb who were involved in the establishment of MSF Sweden. Many Karolinska Institutet employees are members in MSF taking on leading positions as well as working in diverse places around the world where they are so urgently needed.

Knowledge knows no boundaries and by working together we can make a difference both within the fields of research and health as well as in bringing countries closer.

Finally, I got to listen to some very interesting presentation about breathing difficulties in the very young and how this can be handled, as part of my journey of life long learning.


Oliver Schulz, Secretary General MSF Sweden, gives a welcome address

Mats Blennow, Head of the department of CLINTEC, introduces as chair the first sesssion on ” Respiratory support in neonates and paediatrics – progress in MSF settings”

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