On Saturday, I joined for the first time the Pride Parade, an experience for life! Thanks to Johanna Bylund, Ulrika Hellden, Caroline Olsson and others who so professionally organized the KI event. I was also very happy to see so many individuals stand up for a university for diversity.

Karolinska Institutet’s participation in the Pride Parade is one of several activities that we do in collaboration with Medicinska Föreningen including its HBTQ section Queerolinska. An important and well-functioning collaboration that we value very much.

Pride is part of KIs work for equal opportunities, a work that is a continuous process and an integral part of our universities operations. By taking part in Europride we also show solidarity with other countries, we are part of a global community. This year we marched as Academic Pride together with other universities and higher education authorities in Stockholm as a sign of collaboration in this as in other areas.

Utilizing individual’s various experiences and perspectives is fundamental for excellence in both research and education. I think all of us have our own recollections of how diversity brings new perspectives and a richer study and working environment.
KI strives to provide an attractive study and working environment that is free from discrimination and that provides equal opportunities for all. All employees and students are entitled to the same rights, opportunities and obligations.
We show our support for this in many ways, where taking part in the Pride Parade is one.

But our engagement for a university free of discrimination must of course beyond this week and the Pride Parade. The most important thing is to strive for equal opportunities in our daily work, to encourage an environment where we openly discuss these matters and to act on inappropriate behavior, where also the more subtle, unconscious bias needs recognition.
This is what I call to take an academic responsibility; To observe, to bring forward, to listen, to discuss, to learn and to act!

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