Life Science is a highly prioritized area for the Swedish government. Most recently exemplified by the establishment of a permanent Life Science office under the ministry for enterprise and innovation. KI is an important actor in realizing government ambitions by contributing ideas and business cases in various stages of development.

In doing this we need to work together with other universities. We need to work together with the health care sector. And we need to work together with the business sector.

Industry and academia have different and complementary expertise, technologies, methods and approaches. In this it is becoming increasingly important to share ideas, knowledge and resources – to co-create!

Innovation and commercialization is also one way of implementing our research findings.

Collaborations with industry can look very different, from collaborations with individual PIs on a given project to what we refer to strategic partnerships which are that last over time. These strategic partnership can be of different magnitude but they are characterized by their long lasting nature. The long lasting nature facilitates building trust, continuity and predictability. And it allows the building of organizational structures to facilitate collaboration such as compliance managers.

These strategic collaborations are very important in contributing to our goals.

One of KIs strategic partnerships is with MSD and in the end of May, we hosted a visit by Dr. Julie Gerberding, Executive Vice President & Chief Patient Officer, MSD. The partnership between MSD and KI is within real world evidence research where KI can contribute to the patient-oriented research together with MSD. The co-operation is based on a flexible model where the new project is created, shared and where the patient is the focus.

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