In February this year I posted a blog entitled “Swetox; An important resource ready to take its next step” (

I have closely followed Swetox during the last years and I have been very impressed with the activities and recognized the obvious importance of the topic, health and environment, well in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. However, I did over time also point out the need for sustainable funding for the activities. However excellent and important, activities need to recruit funding.

I am now very happy that our efforts to outline a sustainable structure where the competence and experience within the Swetox consortium, and especially at the site in Södertälje, can be secured have met with success. The Swetox Infrastructure will be incorporated into the research institute RISE as of January 1th 2019. The research activities within Swetox as well as the Nano platform will be incorporated into the KI Departments IMM and CLINTEC.

During the spring, RISE has evaluated the possibility to incorporate the Swetox infrastructure. Based on the evaluation report, the RISE board clearly recognized the value and the potential in the infrastructure and they were ready to take over the infrastructure conditional to that the universities of the Swetox consortium supported the development of a national test bed in toxicology. KI took a significant responsibility in this process and committed a larger share to facilitate an agreement as we really believe in the values inherent in the Swetox infrastructure, the technological/methodological niche. I am very pleased that the universities could agree on this collaborative project, again showing that we can find agreements on collaborative projects and investments in infrastructure.

We now have a hectic period in front of us and of course many details need to be sorted out. Looking into the future, I can see opportunities for strategic partnerships between KI and RISE around for example the use and development of the infrastructure as well as eduction.

Finally, I am very happy that we have been able to develop and capitalize on the investments made by FORMAS, KAW, the Stockholm County Council and KI in the establishment of Swetox and I really hope that employees at Swetox feel the attractiveness of their competence and experience. Now we can really plan for the future!

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