The new hospital – an important platform for break-through research

On Thursday June 2nd, the keys to the first part of the new Karolinska University Hospital, usually called the New Karolinska Solna (NKS), was handed over to the hospital director, Melvin Samson.  As acting vice-chancellor of KI, I was invited to briefly touch on the topic ”The importance of NKS for break-through research”.

NKS will be one of Europe´s most modern hospital and a critical component of the fantastic infrastructure transformation now occurring in the area between Stockholm and Solna, where we together create future arenas for health care, research, education and collaboration with the surrounding society. Large expectations rest on us to secure that these infrastructure projects deliver high quality health care, education and internationally competitive research, all to the benefit of the individual and society.

Health care, research and education will be integrated in NKS, and thus strengthening conditions to contribute to Karolinska Institutet’s vision to make a significant contribution to the improvement of human health. This will be achieved not only by break-through research, but equally important is of course the identification of unmet medical needs in the daily clinical work, as well as implementation of research findings in clinical practice.

The Stockholm County Council is Karolinska Institutet’s most important collaborator and Karolinska University Hospital has a central role within this collaboration. It is very exciting to follow the rolling out of a new hospital organization which, together with implementation of the collaborative organization described in the “ALF” agreement, should produce a solid environment for education and research.

In the future, when we look back at what has been achieved by the health care and research infrastructure we are now creating, I am sure that we will all be proud.


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