Welcoming our international masters students!

Our campuses are now coming back to life with new students arriving and “old” ones coming back after the summer.

To welcome new students is one of the most rewarding tasks for a vice-chancellor. Without students, no university.  Studying at KI should be just as rewarding and enjoyable as the expectations that students have when they arrive. I would like to send a message to all new students;

Everything is possible, the sky is the limit! I also hope that all students feel that they are an important part of Karolinska Institutet, now and in the future. We are now their university.

This morning I had the pleasure of welcoming our international students. To welcome international students is a special pleasure. Karolinska Institutet is, and has a clear ambition to remain, an international university with students and scientists from all over the world. In this ambition, international students play a very important part.

Students in Aula Medica

International masters students at the welcoming ceremony in Aula Medica.

All new students that we welcome this autumn, will join a university that has increased its ranking from 48 to 44 in the Shanghai ranking list, thus reinforcing our position as the highest ranked university in Sweden. Of course, university ranking is no exact science but I dare to say that it does mean something

to be in the top 40’s among 12.000 ranked higher education.

Students play an important role in the process of continuously improving our university. As a student, there are many opportunities to influence our study programmes through representation in different advisory and decisive bodies. I really encourage our students to use this possibility to influence and make our study programmes even better!

I am looking forward to welcoming the rest of our new students on Monday!




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