My first visit to Biomedicum

Mats Lilja, project manager for Biomedicum, guides the KI management through Biomedicum.

Some time ago, the Karolinska Institutet management group was offered a guided tour of Biomedicum, Karolinska Institutet’s new ultramodern laboratory building for experimental biomedical research that opens in 2018. The building is even more impressive from the inside than the outside. We were guided by Mats Lilja, Marie Asplund and Kathrin Alw, who showed examples of how the interior is really well thought through, from windows and curtains to how the labs are designed. Thanks to everyone who has put so much effort in designing Biomedicum to a fantastic infrastructure for experimental research. It is almost difficult to imagine that in about one year, the building will be full of KI scientists working to improve human health.

If you wish to learn more about B iomedicum, visit

Illustration of future lab environment in Biomedicum.


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