Narrowing the street, broadening the collaboration

If you should be in doubt: the street I refer to is Solnavägen – the street that separates KI’s Solna campus from the Karolinska University Hospital. As such, this street is very much in evidence in our everyday lives – as a physical barrier and as a symbol of what is still perceived (by some) as a divide between basic and clinical research.

Physically as well as symbolically we are now looking at a street that becomes narrower by the day. Physically: there is roadwork on both sides of the street, hindering the movement of pedestrians, cyclists and cars alike. We are all looking forward to the completion of this work. Symbolically: the new footbridge (part of the Akademiska stråket) narrows the distance between our basic and clinical research environments. We all hope and expect this narrowing to continue.  We are now able to cross the busy street sound and safe and we are now closer to our collaborative partners.

Solnavägen must be made as narrow as possible to link research and education even closer to patients and care. This link is so vital for a successful hospital and for a world-class health care system. This is more or less what I wrote in my blog post in May last year, at the formal opening of the new hospital building. Now we are one step closer to this vision. And one step closer to realizing the goals embedded in our new strategy plan to be presented to the university board on Monday.


The footbridge above Solnavägen, looking into KI Solna campus


The footbridge from KI side.


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