European Commission recognizes KI with the HR Excellence in Research Award

The European Commission recognizes Karolinska Institutet with the HR Excellence in Research Award. This is a clear indication that KI is on the right track when it comes to implementing the European Charter for researchers and the Code of conduct for the recruitment of  researchers; the two key documents in the EU’s policy to boost researchers’ careers, addressed to researchers as well as research employers and funders in both the public and private sectors.  KI earlier signed a commitment to promote the principles of the Charter and Code.

The award shows that we at KI align our policies to the 40 principles of the European Charter & Code. The award demonstrates our commitment to act in a responsible and respectable way and to provide fair framework conditions to researchers with a clear intention to contribute to the advancement of the European Research Area.

Long-term commitment

This HR Excellence in Research Award implies a long-term commitment: that KI is determined to actively strive for better conditions for our researchers and employees, a work that will involve several colleagues within various fields and levels at KI.

It has been a challenging and important step to be subjected to this scrutiny. But I am convinced it will help us safeguard transparent and fair recruitment procedures, improve our career paths for teachers and researchers, and further develop our relocation services for international staff.

More attractive

The implementation of the Charter & Code principles renders us even more attractive to researchers looking for a new employer. It enables us to increase our visibility and attract the best researchers and teachers. The award attests to the fact that KI offers a sustainable and attractive working environment for researchers and that we strive to further improve in alignment with the European Commission initiative HR Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R).

I am grateful to all of you who made this happen. The work leading to the current award – and the inspiration it instils for further work – are highly relevant in the context of our Strategy 2030. In our new strategy we say that good working conditions and a good working environment are prerequisites for excellence in research and education. Let us keep this in mind when we now step by step open up for the postcovid era.

More info:

The European Charter for Researchers is a set of general principles and requirements which specifies the roles, responsibilities, and entitlements of researchers as well as of employers and/or funders of researchers. It constitutes a framework for researchers, employers and funders which invites them to act responsibly and as professionals within their working environment, and to recognise each other as such.

The Code of Conduct for the recruitment of researchers consists of a set of general principles and requirements that should be followed by employers and/or funders when appointing or recruiting researchers. These principles and requirements are complementary to those outlined in the European Charter for Researchers.



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