Marching for Science and celebrating the student’s union 140 years

Today, we were many people all over the world who marched for science. For us at Karolinska Institutet it was a matter of course to take part in the March for Science in Stockholm. Taking part in this event, I hope to send a signal that I consider this topic of great importance. When scientific truths are ignored and academic freedom is threatened, it is our duty as a university to show our support for scientific facts as the basis for decisions and academic freedom.

The KI crowd getting ready to march.

It is also our duty to tirelessly continue to contribute to society by developing and disseminating knowledge, science, and critical thinking – a core mission of a university. As it happened, it also gave me the opportunity to see some friends and colleagues under more informal conditions. I am very grateful to Cecilia Odlind who kept the KI crowd in order.

Cecilia Odlind, KI’s Editor-in-Chief for popular science magazine Medicinsk Vetenskap (Medical Science).

Jubilee Prom at the Medical Student’s Union – Medicinska Föreningen

This evening the Medical Student´s Union, Medicinska Föreningen (MF)”is celebrating their 140 years anniversary with a Spring Prom.  The interaction between MF and the university leadership is extremely important. Their contributions in our different preparative and decisive bodies is critically important as we develop our university for the future. We continuously need to improve our study programmes for present and future students as we continue to educate students for the health care sector, where the demand for highly trained personnel remains very high. A particular concern is the present transformation of the health care system in Stockholm and how we can secure good practical training and the connection between education and research in the new health care landscape.

Meeting the students under more informal conditions, such as tonight’s Spring Prom is a pleasant complement to our more formal meetings.


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