Visit to the Centre for Translational Microbiome Research

Last week I was invited to the Centre for Translational Microbiome Research (CTMR) to present KI as part of a visit Ferring Pharmaceuticals to the centre. It was very interesting meeting the representatives from Ferring, visit the center and hear about all what they are achieving in this new research field which is a very concrete example of how new technology, in this case high throughput sequencing, opens up new scientific avenues. During the visit to the labs we got a mixture of new and old. We were presented with a very impressive film about CTMR activities, we some CTMR activities were presented in the form of more old fashioned posters (still very informative) and we learnt that technology cannot replace all, microbes are still grown on substrates in petri dishes! CTMR started in January 2016 as a collaboration between KI, SciLifeLab and Ferring Pharmaceuticals and it is very impressive what they have achieved in this short time.


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