Still possible to get access to publications

As I wrote in a previous post, the Bibsam Consortium in Sweden has cancelled the agreement with Elsevier. This means that Swedish universities will not have access to new articles in Elsevier’s journals after 1 July. Articles published before this date will remain accessible.

Elsevier has as yet not been able to offer Swedish universities a model that meets our demand for a sustainable pricing model that makes a transition to open access possible. Negotiations are still in progress.

Still ways

The termination of the agreement means that we cannot access new articles published by Elsevier in the usual way. But there are still several ways for KI students and researchers to get access to the material that they need.

The university library staff here at KI (KIB) has put together a guide to the different options, and they are also ready and willing to support anyone that needs help to get a final, published version of an article published after July 1st.

Extra time

Several of the mentioned options will take some extra time, but please be aware that if you order via KIB, money paid for the publication might go to the publisher which in this case may diminish the effect of Sweden’s cancelled agreement.

It is an unfortunate situation and I am sorry for the inconvenience this may cause. But it is worth repeating that at one point in time we must react to the increasing costs and set an example.



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