Five areas for improvement presented to our new board

Last week, I guess many of us took part in graduation ceremonies for family and friends. Rarely does one see so many happy children and young adults!

Last week we had the first meeting with the Karolinska Institutet board following the government’s appointment of the external members for the next period. The board is a very important strategic resource for the KI management, and the present board includes members with extensive expertise that is highly relevant for KI. At the board meeting, I presented how KI has continued its journey as an internationally competitive university and that we have much to be proud of: We continue to deliver highly qualified people for the health care sector, academia and the life science sector at large. Together, we maintain a vibrant academic environment where individuals receive awards and grants in high competition. Henrik Grönberg, acting Pro-Vice Chancellor, presented project Fenix, with the goal to restore, or improve, the confidence in our university. The project has identified a number of areas where we need to take action to secure:

  1. high quality in research and education
  2. clear boarder lines and responsibilities between research and health care
  3. recruitment procedures
  4. that activities conducted abroad complies with Karolinska Institutets core values and regulations
  5. clear boarder lines between research and companies

And finally we have to reflect upon the internal culture at Karolinska Institutet, how we interact with each other and how we deal with problems and difficult ethical issues.

Long-term plan for premises

The board decided on a revised model for rent distribution as well as the long-term plan for our premises. The latter document, which should soon be available on our web site, will be an important reference during the period of completion of large infrastructure that lies ahead of us.

Last Wednesday, several of us (Annika Östman Wernerson, the Dean for Education, together with university administration staff Lena Atterwall,  Karin Vågstrand, Britta Steneberg, and myself) took part in a dialogue meeting arranged by the Swedish Higher Education Authority regarding the suggestion for a new quality assurance system for higher education (UKÄ).  The decision on a new quality assurance system is scheduled for September. When asked to reflect on the new system at the meeting, I concluded that important aspects include the shared responsibility for UKÄ and the sector to maintain high quality and that success will reside on mutual trust. As a representative from the sector, I sent the message that the sector welcomes this dialogue and that we are ready to take responsibility.


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