Awarding Swetox the 2016 work environment award

Last week, I had the pleasure of awarding the 2016 KI work environment award. The prize was awarded to the Swedish Toxicology Sciences Research Center (Swetox) which was represented by the deputy head, Heike Hellmold. The unit sets a good example for how the work environment should be integrated in, and a natural part of, all activities and include everyone from students to management. For example, the work environment is an important part of the introduction for new employees. The management supports contributions that aid the work environment and adherence to rules and regulations is never compromised. For me, I was reminded that I actually nominated the first recipient of the award, then handed out by the former vice-chancellor.

A healthy work environment does not just magically appear, it is something we have to work for all the time and it is all of us together that can make it happen.
Karolinska institutet is one of the world’s leading medical universities. A good work environment is a key factor in building high quality and a successful university.
All employees must get a good introduction to the work environment work. Leaders should set example and value contributions to improve the work environment. Everyone at KI should know and adhere to rules and regulations that is our shared framework, and responsibilities should be clear.
The demands are high at KI, as they should be, but we must find the balance where high standards are combined with a pleasant work environment. If students and co-workers thrive, KI thrives.


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