The future health care landscape is here

The future health care landscape in Stockholm has been discussed and planned for many years. Discussions and planning where Karolinska Institutet has taken part, not necessarily being heard. The future health care system has many components; The new Karolinska University Hospital, a highly specialized hospital; the consequent transfer of patients into primary care and private actors. All this will influence Karolinska Institutet and its educational and research activities.


A medical faculty and the health care sector are mutually dependent on each other, as reflected in ALF agreements at the national and regional levels. KI is dependent on the health care sector for clinical research and placements for our students, and the health care sector depends on us for competent staff and novel care, diagnostics and treatments. So what is really happening? When the patients move, students, teachers, research, researchers and resources also have to adapt. The student has to be where the patient is and education should also be connected to research for example. All this needs to be done in well planned and long term processes, making sure to maintain high quality care, education and research. In parallel with this the Karolinska University Hospital is introducing a new work modell.

A top priority for KI

Altogether this is placing a lot of stress on our organization, students, teachers and researchers. Resolving this is a top priority for the university management. For instance, I will give the Board of Education a special assignment to look into how we can secure our learning goals within the new work model at Karolinska University Hospital. If the Board concludes that the learning goals cannot be secured, they are tasked to suggest alternative solutions.
In our regular dialogue and meetings with the Stockholm County Council we also bring up the importance of expanding the concept of specialist centra as we believe they represent a good model for combining care, education and research. The first specialist centra is well under way but we need much more of this. We also need assistance from the Stockholm County Council in reaching out into the private care sector.


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