On the situation in Hong Kong

A couple of days ago, but published this morning, I wrote a blog post with a link to a text about Hong Kong that I published in August. The last day, the situation in Hong  Kong has deteriorated and is now becoming worse by the minute. The violence has literally moved into the university campus areas, the general safety for the people of Hong Kong cannot be guaranteed anymore and the commute to and from work places, schools and universities is strongly affected.

Because of the current situation, KI has now made the decision of temporarily closing down operations at our Ming Wai Lau Centre for Reparative Medicine. We advise our staff at the centre to stay at home, for safety reasons. It is unclear at this point how long the closure needs to last.

(Update: KI were able to reopen MWLC Tuesday November 19th, after a few days of temporary closure, and it is now running according to normal routines)

KI also have two students in Hongkong, through our exchange program. One of the students will leave Hong Kong shortly. KI will recommend the other one to do the same. We have continual contact with both of them.

The situation in Hong Kong is extremely difficult, potential dangerous and there are no signs of stabilization or improvement yet. We must be prepared for the worst, yet hope for the best.


There is also a short article on the siuation in Hong Kong, published (in Swedish) on KI’s web site.



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