A couple of days ago, but published this morning, I wrote a blog post with a link to a text about Hong Kong that I published in August. The last day, the situation in Hong  Kong has deteriorated and is now becoming worse by the minute. The violence has literally moved into the university campus […]

A world leading university must be visible and active on the global scene. Our new Strategy 2030 leaves no doubt about that. We need the richness of perspectives that we get through international collaboration and we need to see health in a global perspective. In the realm of research China is now snapping at USA´s […]

English version below Situationen i Hongkong är fortsatt spänd och nyhetsrapporteringen berättar om eskalerande motsättningar mellan polis och demonstranter. Eftersom Karolinska Institutet, genom Ming Wai Lau Centre for Reparative Medicine (MWLC) bedriver verksamhet där sedan tre år, är jag naturligtvis mycket engagerad i händelseutvecklingen. Som jag tidigare skrivit här på bloggen så bevakar vi vad […]

Early 2018, KI has launched its first global alumni chapter, KI Alumni China. Global alumni chapters are alumni networks based on geographical area. These regional networks in hub cities around the world provide a professional network for KI’s alumni who live and work outside of Sweden. I am also pleased to welcome KI’s first alumni ambassador […]

With Nobel Week behind us, a period during which the world’s attention is firmly on Stockholm and the year’s Nobel laureates, my own attention is now turning eastwards, towards Hong Kong. Together with Chair of the Board of Karolinska Institutet, Mikael Odenberg, I shall for the first time be visiting our overseas establishment – The […]

In English below Min första månad som rektor för Karolinska Institutet har gått väldigt fort och jag har fått möjlighet att möta studenter, doktorander, forskare och lärare samt ledningspersoner för att lära känna min nya arbetsplats. Jag har även fått lära mig att medierna har ett visst intresse för vårt universitet och de senaste dagarna […]

Friday was a historic day for Karolinska Institutet. As the first public university in Sweden we officially opened a research centre outside of Sweden. Establishing activities abroad is a clear sign that we are building for the future. Marking this historic event, an inauguration ceremony followed by a scientific symposia was held in Hong Kong, […]