Convergence on Global Health – Joint action with reference to the new EU Global Health Strategy

On January 1, Sweden took over the presidency of the EU’s Council. This happened in a turbulent time. The pandemic is still very much at hand, the world economy is unstable, climate and environmental challenges abound, wars and conflicts are on the increase, also in our geographical vicinity.

Much of what we now see happening has direct or indirect consequences for health. Therefore, it is important that EU step up its efforts to safeguard health and strengthen our preparedness for future health crises – through research, and through improved policies and governance. As a move in this direction the EU recently adopted a new Global Health Strategy.

This is the short background to the seminar that Karolinska Institutet will organize on 9 February, in the context of the Swedish Presidency, and in dialogue with the Swedish Ministry of Health and Social Affairs and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. The seminar will take place at Nobel Forum at KI’s Solna Campus, starting 8.30 am. You are welcome to participate digitally, please check KI’s web site for more information. There you can also read more about the event, invited speakers and program.

The aim is to discuss the changing role of the EU as a health actor with reference to the new Global Health Strategy.

Our ambition is to provide for an open and constructive dialogue between academia, civil society organizations (CSOs), policy makers, and other important stakeholders. To ensure a truly interactive meeting we will combine presentations by distinguished guests and experts with interactive group discussions involving all participants.

I hope that you will join us at Karolinska Institutet to carry the torch through EU presidencies of the Council of the EU, across sectors, governance levels and sustainability domains to cater for a better health for all.


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