Do you want to make a difference for the climate?

Do you want to make a difference for the climate?

Amazing!! That is a very good start. How can you do it? There is a lot to do. Reflect on your choices. Learn things. Join organizations. Find followers on instagram that you can learn from. And do you know what? Together we ARE stronger. Our efforts have a larger impact when we come together in a group. So, as a student at KI, do you want to make a difference AND at the same time be part of a friendly and fun association? If so, joining the Climate Association is the right choice for you.

The Climate Association- who are we?

We are a student organisation that strives to increase climate awareness and engagement among students, as well as support sustainable practices at KI. We believe in inspring students to make more environmentally-friendly choices for the planet, as well as for our health.

What are we doing?

We aim to spread knowledge with events, lectures and projects with local environmental agencies. For example we host cloth swapping days, we collaborate with Climate Students Sweden, attend global climate strikes, plan KI Sustainability Days, arrange digital events and we constantly work to influence KI climate strategy.

Climate strike 2019

What kan I do?!

Good question! You have two choices.

  • Either you can become a member and support the association by attending meetings and being active in various projects. How much you want to do and how much time you spend is up to you. But you are needed. And you make a difference.
  • You can also apply for positions on the board. A really good way to make a difference, get involved and influence others. There are a number of different positions open for application and they can be adapted to suit your interest! Here you can read more and send your application.

Contact us and find more information om Facebook and Instagram.

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