An international team of scientists led by researchers here at Karolinska Institutet and Science for Life Laboratory in Sweden has now launched a comprehensive overview of all proteins expressed in the brain, published some days ago in the journal Science. The open-access database offers medical researchers an unprecedented resource to deepen their understanding of the brain […]

Swedish version below The growing international exchange, collaboration and cooperation between universities put new and greater demands on a responsible, competent and judicious assessment of various difficulties and risks. Lately there has been a debate in Sweden about strategies, values and ethical considerations involved in cooperations with universities and institutions in other countries. . The  Swedish […]

A world leading university must be visible and active on the global scene. Our new Strategy 2030 leaves no doubt about that. We need the richness of perspectives that we get through international collaboration and we need to see health in a global perspective. In the realm of research China is now snapping at USA´s […]

Svensk version nedan Yesterday I had the pleasure of opening a conference in the Nobel Forum entitled “The Rockefeller University – Karolinska Institutet Joint Symposium in Neuroscience and Immunology”. This symposium springs out of a long history of collaboration with a common focus on cutting-edge basic science. In my mind this collaboration serves as an […]