In English below Just nu pågår diskussioner om var den europeiska läkemedelsmyndigheten (The European Medicines Agency), EMA, ska placeras efter det brittiska utträdet ur den europeiska unionen. Sveriges regering satsar för att EMA ska flyttas från London till Stockholm med placering i Hagastaden, Stockholm. Sverige och ytterligare 18 av EU:s 27 medlemsländer har ansökt om värdskapet. […]

In English below Min första månad som rektor för Karolinska Institutet har gått väldigt fort och jag har fått möjlighet att möta studenter, doktorander, forskare och lärare samt ledningspersoner för att lära känna min nya arbetsplats. Jag har även fått lära mig att medierna har ett visst intresse för vårt universitet och de senaste dagarna […]

Tuesday and Wednesday this week the head of our Grants Office, Björn Kull and myself, joined vice-chancellors, pro-vice-chancellors and heads of grants offices (or equivalent) from the 12 largest research universities in Sweden (or in other words what i usually known as Huvudmannarådet) to Brussels. We met with representatives from the Permanent Representation of Sweden […]

Alexander von Gabain has brought a global perspective and laid a solid foundation for KI’s innovation and commercial outreach Alexander von Gabain’s contract as deputy vice-chancellor for Innovation and Commercial Outreach is soon coming to an end and last week a very pleasant reception in our wonderful “Gammelgården”, gave us a chance to honor his […]

This week I am in China together with a delegation headed by the Swedish Minister for Higher Education and Research, Helene Hellmark Knutsson. It is very satisfying to experience how strong the Karolinska Institutet brand is in China. Collaboration Mobility and collaboration has been two coherent themes at many of the meetings. A lot of […]

Last Friday I took my bicycle over the Solna bridge to Gävlegatan, to a part of our university that I have not had the chance to visit before: The Aging Research Cente, ARC. I met with Johan Fritzell, ARC Director, Kristina Johnell, Martin Lövdén, Laura Fratiglioni and Maria Eriksdotter, Head of the Department of Neurobiology, […]

Today, we were many people all over the world who marched for science. For us at Karolinska Institutet it was a matter of course to take part in the March for Science in Stockholm. Taking part in this event, I hope to send a signal that I consider this topic of great importance. When scientific […]

It is becoming increasingly clear that no one is immune to international politics, including our own university in a country historically relatively unaffected by international restrictions and conflicts. As a university, KI strongly defends the liberty of thought and the possibility and right of researchers to interact and build network across borders. This is a […]

Today the first part of the new Karolinska University Hospital (NKS) has opened. I really congratulate all involved in the terrific effort to launch the first operational building. The opening of NKS represents one important milestone to realize the joint vision in creating a vibrant, cross-sectional life science cluster, involving actors from academia, the health […]

Friday was a historic day for Karolinska Institutet. As the first public university in Sweden we officially opened a research centre outside of Sweden. Establishing activities abroad is a clear sign that we are building for the future. Marking this historic event, an inauguration ceremony followed by a scientific symposia was held in Hong Kong, […]